Join the revolution!  Become a Social Entrepreneur and change the world.

Here at The Peckham Foundation our mission is to help grow businesses with purpose.  We believe that the only way to “fairly” and effectively give each and every person a chance at the happiness and security we each deserve is through the influence and effort of dedicated social enterprises, businesses that exists for the purpose of improving their communities.  Big government and big business either can’t or won’t do it.  But you can!

What needs do you see in your community?  

  •  Job creation
  • Life skills training
  • Environmental protection
  • Food and shelter
  • Medical, dental, or psychiatric care
  • Quality education

These are just some of the altruistic motives that drive our subscribers.

 Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for help and guidance?

Starting a new home business is risky.  In fact, over 95% fail within the first 5 years.  However, following the advise our subscribers get, including dedicating your new business to a charitable purpose from the very beginning, can make the difference between success and becoming just another statistic.

 Already have an existing business?

Making charity your reason for existing rather than an “after thought” can be one of the most gratifying decisions you ever make.  It is also one of the best ways to cement your customer loyalty and also give you and your employees the “fire in the belly” “eye of the tiger” passion needed to ensure your success.

 Do you have a charity that needs money?

If charities would spend the same amount of time making money as they do chasing it, they would have a continuous source of funds – funds with no limits or restrictions, funds that they are free to use in whatever way they see needed.

 Become a subscriber and learn – 

  • Just what is your passion, your purpose for being, and why knowing that is critical to your success
  • Step-by-step how to find the perfect business to match your own personal talents and interests
  • How and where to learn more about real business success strategies than any MBA program will ever teach you
  • How to find customers wanting to do business with you
  • Where to find the money you need to get started – even in today’s economy
  • How to design your business around your ideal lifestyle so you can be where you want, when you want, to support both your family and your community
  • How to use cause related marketing, or strategic philanthropy, to grow your business
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